Ammunition Sales - Age Verification

Why does Highball Outfitters perform age verification and what is the law?

The first and foremost reason we perform age verification is that it is required by Federal Law. Of course then, this process is applied to every state in the country.

Secondly, we operate in a virtual environment which means we cannot physically see the purchaser to make a judgment call on their age and whether or not we should ask for identification.

Finally, we feel it our civic duty as law abiding gun enthusiasts to police ourselves to prevent potential problems from occurring. The more we do this, the less likely there will be reasons for meddlesome politicians to take it upon themselves to impose stricter laws on all of us.

So what do I need to do to be compliant?

Most people simply send a photo of their driver’s license but any state or federal issued ID, FFL or CWP that shows your name and date of birth will suffice.  You can scan and email it, take a photo and or send with an iPhone, etc.  We recommend that you blot out your photo and ID# number as we do not need to see either of them. We just need to see your date of birth and name match the purchasing information. Upon purchasing your ammunition or other relevant products we will send a request via email with a secure process to upload your information.