Hornady - 30 Caliber Bullets - .308", 110 Grains, GMX, Per 50





Product type: Reloading

Vendor: Hornady

Tags: .30, .308, 110, Bullets, Plastic Tipped



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Manufacture ID: 30191

Hornady GMX bullets and factory ammunition offer the hunter who favors an expanding monolithic bullet a better choice.

GMX bullets are constructed of a monolithic copper alloy that doesn't foul like "sticky" solid copper, and features strategically located grooves in the bearing surface of the bullet reduce pressure. These additions make the GMX easy to load using standard published data for comparable Hornady SST bullets.

Hornady engineers designed the GMX bullet to perform across a very wide range of velocities - from +3,400 to 2,000 fps. And perform it does. GMX bullets are designed to expand to 1.5 times their original diameter and retain over 95% of their original weight. They're no slouch in the penetration department either, routinely penetrating over 30" in gelatin tests.


- Copper Alloy Construction: Monolithic, copper alloy bullets deliver controlled expansion and 95+% weight retention
- Crimping Cannelure and Pressure Relieving Grooves: Reduces both bearing surface and fouling, and aids in consistent reloads.
- High Weight-Retention: High weight-retention is a significant benefit to the GMX and monolithic family of bullets, routinely retaining 95% or more of their original weight.


- Ballistic Coefficient (G1): .305
- Sectional Density: .166
- Quantity: 50/Box