Cass Creek RPS Extreme Record-Play-Shoot





Product type: Game Calls & Locators

Vendor: Cass Creek Game Calls

Tags: Calling Equipment & Acc



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Manufacture ID: CCRPS

Cass Creek RPS Extreme -Record-Play-Shoot


- High powered audio amplifier and speaker
- Use as a handheld caller or a remote caller
- Can play sounds downloaded from any electronic source OR record / play live sounds (real animals or mouth calls).
- Microphone for direct recording of your calls or real animals
- USB port for "drag and drop" transfer of sound files from any computer
- SD card slot for optional memory expansion
- Up to 16 hours of sounds
- Heavy duty weather proof construction Intuitive one-hand operation
- Favorites button, most recently played button (similar to iPod menu taxonomy)
- Wireless remote range of 100 yards (150 yards in good conditions)
- Red LED lights (remotely or hand operated) to light the target area or easily locate remote speaker at night
- Separate lanyard connection points on both the remote and the speaker
- Remote attaches to the Base unit for hand held operation and easy, secure transport
- Large, backlit LCD for easy reading at night
- Pre-programmed with 10 calls free download of additional 20 calls

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