Folding Back-Up Sight, Front - Black





Product type: Firearm Accessories

Vendor: Mako Group

Tags: Sights, Standard & Accessories



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Manufacture ID: FBS-B

Every weapon with an optical sight should have an auxiliary sighting system. If your optic depends on batteries, auxiliary sights are an absolute necessity.


- Designed for M4, M16 and AR-15 rifles, the KPOS system, and other weapons with same-plane mounting locations and similar sight height.
- Finger-adjustable for elevation.
- Low-profile, lightweight design.
- May be used as primary or secondary sights.
- Ambidextrous deployment and control.
-High-grade polymer and metal construction.
- Spring-based locking mechanism will not break or deform.
- Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails.
- Front sight height designed for mounting to handguard on same plane as rear sight, not to AR-15 gas blocks.
- Front sight weight: .88 oz.
- Black

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