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Rod Holder - Orca with 0241 Side-Deck Mount, 4 Pack





Product type: Kayaks Canoes Rafts

Vendor: Scotty

Tags: Accessories, Paddles, Transport



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Manufacture ID: 0400-BK-QUAD

The fastest rod release of any holder on the market. Fibre reinforced engineering grade nylon offers strength, resilience and reliability.

With one quick motion, your fishing rod is lifted straight out into the fish fighting position.

Main features:

- Unique Side or Deck Mounting Bracket with new Lock Down Feature
- Tilts up and down, including upright for rod storage when travelling
- Less missed strike opportunities
- Swivels 360 degrees
- Locks closed for travelling

Includes 241L Locking "push button" Combination Side / Deck Mount. To use the new Scotty "lock-down" mount system, simply choose the best direction to fish from and insert the rod holder or accessory, pushing the post straight down into the mount. Can be mounted on top or side of gunnel.


- Orca Interior Diameter: 1.60" front, 1.86" back
- Mount Dimensions 4" x 2" x 2"
- Bolting Dimensions 1 5/16" x 3 3/16"
- Quantity: 4 Pack

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