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Birchwood Casey - Super Bright Pen Kit (Green, Red & White)




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Product type: Cleaning Supplies/Gun Care

Vendor: Birchwood Casey

Tags: Bluing & Stock Refinishing, Touch Up



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Manufacture ID: 15116

Shoot better in any light. These pens provide a fast and easy way to touch-up chipped, dull or scratched sights. Super Bright Pens contain a fast-drying, lead-free paint with superior adhesion and durability. Use on front and/or rear sights for better sight visibility. Apply two layers of white undercoat, then neon green or red to make color even brighter. Brighter sights help to obtain a quicker sight picture. Great for rifles, pistols, shotguns and archery pins. Use like a parking pen with no mess simply rub on with "chisel point" felt tip.

- Color: Green, Red, and White


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